Monthly Archives: December 2012

To all my fellow white slaves: Happy new year!

To add to all the uplifting thoughts and predictions I give you some nice thoughts to end 2012 and start 2013. To all my fellow white slaves: Happy new year!!!111!! Dear European citizen. You are a slave. Your European society is a slave society. It has been for over twenty centuries. It still is today. […]

Open letter: Dear atheists, God is irrelevant. You miss the point

Dear Atheists, Really. Who gives a shit about God, except those who still believe? And who cares it exists? Or not? Get a grip. The true evil The true evil is religion itself. The systems of power that religion holds within itself, towards parts of the world. The ways religious systems bend the truth, uses […]

Ponderings: the search for God and meaning — are you really doing this?

If you know my work, you know I reject religion. Not “God” or possible “gods” but religion. I think  not any of them are searching for god or found god or were contacted by god or deserve the arrogant claims on the “truth on/about god” and anything else. This post is a summary of my […]

Re-write: A message on peace to all Catholics — as the pope might wanted to tell us but did not

Rewrite Here is my re-write of the pope’s speech, because I think he could have done it shorter, simpler (with a lot less difficult words I otherwise needed a thesaurus for) and with a more clear focus on the main elements. Bold is added to make clear where the emphasis needs to be when the […]

Why tolerance sucks — A pondering on (Dutch) tolerance, problem solving and bigotry

[First draft, re-edited] If this would be a pamphlet (which it might become) it would read something like this: “Stop tolerance! Tolerance is the poison that kills this society.  Instead: stand up. Respect. Reach out. Include. Communicate. Build a beautiful future together. ” When I was a child, I learned that the Netherlands was a special […]