OMFG! (Outcries of anger and dread:) “Ebooks! The Death Of Writers And Their Honest Earnings!” “YOU SHOULD NOT DOWNLOAD ILLEGAL BOOKS!” Because: It is robbing those poor writers from the last slices of bread. From their hungry mouths! “Each download is one unsold book” Let me flip things around. Download the shit out of everything Go. […]

Today (October 8, 2013) I sent this open <100 words letter to the Dutch version of “Metro” in reply to another open letter stating: “we should stop bothering about Zwarte Piet and whether it is racist or not.”as it (according to the writer): “is a centuries old tradition” and fun for kids. It became “Letter […]

This is a quick post. I do part from memory, as I am pissed off and did not plan to write this as this is not the first time the Netherlands “aplogizes” without acknowledging the full scope of consequences of their “rule” since the new From Al Jazeera: The Dutch government has formally apologised for […]

Seems like I am on a roll today on this identity thing. Racism Racism is a very limiting assumption that hardly invites to discussions beyond the concept of ‘race’. It assumes ‘race’ is the main issue in the process of discrimination that takes place, while ‘race’ is just another excuse and another means in a […]

Western society tends to have a very binary view on gender. “Men” and “women” Your reproductive organ defines whether you are “a man” or “a woman”. Heteronormative bullshit Around the concepts or “men” and “woman” are enitre landscapes and building blocks of assumptions and social constructs which include several “behavioral directions” (“you can / cannot […]

Like any other place, the Dutch are masters of denial. Things did not happen and when they DID happen, they were not as terrible as similar things happening elsewhere. In my recent work I am reconstructing the Netherlands. Using the awesome question: what if? My aim is to create a balanced mix. A view on […]

Er zijn verschillende SF en Fantasy verhalen-wedstrijden in Nederland. De twee meest bekende zijn: Paul Harland Prijs — Link. Deadline 1 juli. Hoofdprijs 750 euro. Voor alle genres. SF, Fantasy, Horror. Fantastels — Link. Deadline 31 oktober. Voornamelijk Fantasy. Waar is de rest van de wereld? Waar ben jij? 2013 is het jaar waarin het begint Voor de Nederlandse […]