Open letter: Dear atheists, God is irrelevant. You miss the point

Dear Atheists,

Really. Who gives a shit about God, except those who still believe? And who cares it exists? Or not?

Get a grip.

The true evil

The true evil is religion itself. The systems of power that religion holds within itself, towards parts of the world.

The ways religious systems bend the truth, uses several ways of brain-washing and how it abuses and perverts the beauty of our sexual systems.

The true evil is how religious systems keep people small, enslave their minds, abuses those minds for empty and useless rituals that — when you take all bullshit out — look more like the neurotic behaviors of traumatized people and the repetitive people with a functional mental disorder. Especially since nothing real or fundamental happens due to these exercises.

The true evil is how — even in a civilized society like this, with public and private (flushable!) toilets and our daily sauce of technology-awesomeness — people are allowed to bully and force other people in models of thinking that are usually incorporating some systems of bullshit, hate and condemnation. Systems which use poorly hidden systems of hate and condemnation to force people to “convert” and which believe in things that have no connection to reality at all.

It is shameful to see that with all efforts we are making to unravel the mysteries of reality, almost 40% of the “civilized” world still holds some foot in the fake safety of religion where “god created the world” and that this doubt allows for religious “truths” and “science” to be taught at schools.

Religions are evil. They are the true embodiment of what each of these religions call “evil” and each of them is actively creating a world that is the opposite of what they call “good”. By sabotaging common sense. By sabotaging a free mind. By sabotaging thinking itself with poisonous concepts of “evil” that are mainly systems aimed at the mutilation and destruction of the self.

Religions are closed systems. Religions do not like new ideas. Religious systems do not evolve as fast as society does. As a result, religious systems will always strive to sabotage the evolution of culture and introduce elements that will cripple those cultures as they go. Hindering any development that might lead to true enlightenment, to true equality of all people.

Religions are a direct enemy against inner peace. They are the enemy of problem solving and inner happiness as people who are able to solve problems and who are happy within do not need these religions to find fulfillment.

What religious systems (probably) like to keep intact

Religion likes to create certain problems and likes to keep certain problems in existence, as, as soon as these problems are no longer relevant, these religions no longer have a prime function in the lives of people. To mention five of these problems:

  1. A lack of purpose — What am I here for? What is my purpose? By not providing answers that make sense, but also by damaging those parts of the human being that makes those questions less relevant, this issue or “problem” remains. Honestly: who gives a shit about purpose, except for that you find by experimentation and personal preferences? Even if that purpose is something completely inane like collecting shells or writing open letters to atheists?  Just live and be happy.
  2. A broken concept of human sexuality — By breaking and perverting the concepts of human sexuality, human sexuality becomes suspect. Homosexuality, masturbation, loving and feeling desire for more than one person in equal measures are just some of these concepts that have been broken.
  3. Superstitions and superstitious fears — Religions continue to undermine science and a scientific and objective perception of reality by keeping superstitions alive. Angels, demons, the devil. God itself as a judgmental entity. The trinity of Christian beliefs (the god, the son and the holy spirit). Children are made to believe evil is everywhere and when they fear and made to fear, these superstitious elements are more “real” and embedded in the belief-system than when rationality simply explains: there is nothing under your bed. You are simply scared. Tell me what happened today.
  4. Condemnation and bigotry — Religious systems have a very evil part inside that condemns all other religions and people without religion. They have this side of superiority where concepts like: “true followers” and “true believers” are relevant and all people who are not are somehow less and probably will be condemned by the highest power they know: the God itself. They help people to develop systems to look down on others. Slavery is one example. The deeply ingrained sexism within many religious systems another.
  5. Undermining systems of self-empowerment — Most, if not all prayers focus on giving away power. “Help me”. “Help the weak around me”. “Help me to overcome my own weakness”. “Please do not condemn or punish me for the sins I committed”. Seldomly prayers focus on actions you are going to take: “Dear god, today I am going to help the poor by giving them my clothing and by paying for two so they can go into rehab. By the way: I feel happy and I will also clean the house,” or thanks and empowerment: “Dear god: Thank you for making me so awesome. Thank you for giving me these powers of problem-solving. Thank you for making me smart. Thank you for giving me free will. Thank you for my friends.” And even these kind of “prayers” or thank-givings still assume there is something or someone to thank for. Most — if not all — religions assume people are weak and assume people to think they are weak and less than others.

With this, I personally consider any religion toxic and a threat to anything and everything — including the establishment of a world with peace and happiness — that is human and what humans can create.

To me, there is not exclusion. ALL religions suck. No exception made.

What most religious systems (probably) strive for

Religious systems do not strive for answers. They do not strive for liberation of the human spirit or the human condition in general. The aggressive ones — including Christianity, Scientology and Muslim religions — strive for only a few things:

  1. As many followers as possible — This is war. A war of ideas about God and salvation. But also a battle about followers. It does not matter how, where and when these followers are obtained. Some religions are laid back in this. Some are truly aggressive including, and specifically the Muslim and Christian (base) religions. Some are content with just the babies born within their group. Others want the babies and minds of all people in this world. What they call “conversion” is truly warfare.
  2. Power — There is hardly any religious systems without a power-structure. Especially the aggressive and long-living religions have priests and top-dogs. Where there is power, there is also hunger for more power. Power usually includes sources of income.
  3. Power through oppression — You are not free within these systems. There are rules. There is a structure of power. There are consequences when you do not follow the rules.
  4. Special perks — From political influence to tax-benefits, and VIP treatments in specific environments. But also: standing above law. Building rings of sex-slaves and being protected in cases of rape and pedophily. Defining and deciding what can be taught in schools.
  5. The oppression of common sense — Almost each and all religion systems are based on concepts of the world that do not hold up against a critical, scientific and logical point of view. As these concepts are the cornerstones of the belief itself and of the systems in which those religions thrive, common sense itself is and needs to be attacked. At least a part of the brains of the subject of each and any of these religions need to stay within the systems of superstition and oppression that makes most of these religious systems work and stay alive.

Why claiming “god does not exist” does not make sense

Like religions claiming “our god exists and is like this” your claim of non-existence — when made — is equally nonsensical. You can not prove God does NOT exist as much as you cannot prove god DOES exist.

What you can claim is something like this: “I do not believe in your God. Your concept of a deity is completely meaningless to me. Your specific image of God is limited, petty, very human-centric and based on superstitious elements and beliefs that no longer hold in current times”.

What makes sense to me

If you want to fight religion, take it down to the core.

  1. Expose all elements of oppression — This might be the most important part. Show how they work. How they hold power over people. Expose of each and every system what the base mechanics are. How they use these to lure people in, bend minds, bend reality. Basically: how they lie to people to fuck them over.
  2. Show what they deny to people — Show what they deny to people. Show what other kind of life is possible. Offer a way out that is truly better, more healthy and less damaged
  3. Show what the effect are — What does it mean to be lied to? What does it mean to be told to believe in a system that is warping reality? How does this influences peoples behavior? The world around them?
  4. Show which problems they claim to solve, but do not — Are there things they strive to solve, but do not show? Are there crucial things they do NOT mention when talking about solving problems in the world?
  5. Fight all special rights religious systems think are entitled to them — Religious systems should hold no rights at all other people and companies do not have either.

I greet you. With kind regards,



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