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Story world: Social debt – A first discovery round

I decided this week to focus story #4 of a total of 6 stories in the “The Decline of Europe” setting to social debt (see the brief of “The decline” here). That story is called “To sing my song”. This is the first discovery round on that concept. Technical debt In programming there is something called […]

Machines and human intelligence

Before you read: I have written better posts than this. This does not mean the ideas are invalid, but more that I am bumbling my way through some new ideas, I am not sure if I am on the right way in this and I probably am following a different path than many others. I […]

Feminism and gender-bending

Source: What if the male Avengers posed like the female ones? Consider the following Evolution-psychology-ish quote from a fictional article: Recent studies of tribes in Africa, South America, Asia and Australia show that the female role is not as passive as was assumed. In many gather-hunterer communities the women lead the hunts and show significantly higher success-rates […]