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Machines and human intelligence

Before you read: I have written better posts than this. This does not mean the ideas are invalid, but more that I am bumbling my way through some new ideas, I am not sure if I am on the right way in this and I probably am following a different path than many others. I […]

Story ideas: A different look at learning

Today I saw a presentation of Claire Boonstra on following your dreams and her dream to improve education. Claire: I do not know how much this will overlap or be useful for your project, but here is my two cents. Sunrise, a near future story In “Sunrise”, one of the first stories from this series […]

Feminism and gender-bending

Source:¬†What if the male Avengers posed like the female ones? Consider the following Evolution-psychology-ish quote from a fictional article: Recent studies of tribes in Africa, South America, Asia and Australia show that the female role is not as passive as was assumed. In many gather-hunterer communities the women¬†lead the hunts and show significantly higher success-rates […]