Monthly Archives: March 2013

Boohoohoo: I am white, straight and privileged — everyone hates me!

I am in a weird position. White, straight, privileged. Living in Europe. Wait! I am– Good honest fe– This post — like the previous one — was waiting for a while to be written. It just needed a trigger. Take a good look at this blabbering from Sadie Smith in the New Statesman: I’ve had […]

The problem with Eugenics

The issue of eugenics is popping up from time to time and I am exploring it in my own work as well. Apparently Richard Dawkins has been blabbering about “positive eugenics” yesterday in a way that is almost funny if it was not so incredibly sad coming from an “educated man”. It makes you wonder […]

My goals and my reading list for 2013

This year I will focus mainly on systems of oppression to support my writings on the subjects involved. This will impact my reading list considerably. What is it about? The big “Western” (cultivated) schizophrenic dilution — I believe Western society is anything but “the land of the free”. I believe that when Western people claim […]