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Re-write: A message on peace to all Catholics — as the pope might wanted to tell us but did not

Rewrite Here is my re-write of the pope’s speech, because I think he could have done it shorter, simpler (with a lot less difficult words I otherwise needed a thesaurus for) and with a more clear focus on the main elements. Bold is added to make clear where the emphasis needs to be when the […]

Writing: Cultural Identity / erasure of cultural identity

One recurring element in the past days and weeks is Identity. Or cultural Identity. I wrote several posts on discrimination and racism, exploring the deeper workings from a superficial point of view (not doing more research than what I am reading on a daily basis and summarizing my thoughts.) This post — no doubt — […]

Writing: more on discrimination – cultural ingrainment

First, read this story: “Thorns” (found via Rochita Loenen-Ruiz). It is awesome. There are several things I have not mined yet in my exploration of discrimination. As said before it will be a central issue in “How to sing my song”, story #4 in the “Decline of Europe” sequence. I started to touch this subject […]

Those without a voice – discrimination

I am kind of working on the more subtle variations of discrimination. One of my next stories in the sequence, “To sing my song” will focus on discrimination as a important background-item. (The protagonist will not fight or address that discrimination, but encounters and expresses it in many different forms, from everyone and anyone and to all […]

Story world: Social debt – A first discovery round

I decided this week to focus story #4 of a total of 6 stories in the “The Decline of Europe” setting to social debt (see the brief of “The decline” here). That story is called “To sing my song”. This is the first discovery round on that concept. Technical debt In programming there is something called […]

Story world: starting the revolution / what is needed to rule the world

If you ever feared your next decade is not going to be interesting to write political/mind shifting/mind blowing SF: think again! In the 1950’s we had nuclear power, the communist threat and space rockets. In the 1960’s it was nuclear war. In the 1970’s it was drugs. In the 1980’s? Hmm. Cyberpunk. The 2000’s? Hmm… […]

Machines and human intelligence

Before you read: I have written better posts than this. This does not mean the ideas are invalid, but more that I am bumbling my way through some new ideas, I am not sure if I am on the right way in this and I probably am following a different path than many others. I […]