To all my fellow white slaves: Happy new year!

To add to all the uplifting thoughts and predictions I give you some nice thoughts to end 2012 and start 2013.

To all my fellow white slaves: Happy new year!!!111!!

Dear European citizen.

You are a slave.

Your European society is a slave society. It has been for over twenty centuries. It still is today.

This is one of the main reasons why your continent is in decline. You did not stand up when your government sold you out. You did not understand the consequences of the events that happened in the last hundred years. You never understood how your society got hijacked and sabotaged. You let it all happen. You never made a real choice for yourself. And how could you otherwise?

“Yes but—” Indeed. Them too. Us too. But this is not about them or us. It is about you.

Your education is designed around systems of oppression. Your religion is designed around systems of oppression. Your economical system is a system of oppression. Your social rules are rules of oppression.

Your society was already broken. It was already hijacked and sabotaged many times before. When you exported it to the rest of the world, thinking you did us a service, you simply did your jobs as nice little slaves. Either pillaging us or fucking us over.

And this is all you know. Slavery.

Your governments do not represent you. They never did. And due to your past and your slave mentality you gave away your few possible routes to freedom.

Where the 20th century could have led to a new and deeper form of englightenment and social freedom, it flipped around in 2003. And instead of liberating you, the developments and advancements of the 20th century have been used to peel off layer by layer of the few rights you still had, including that of personal privacy, turning back the clock another century.

You are a slave and a prisoner under 24/7 surveillance. Your cage has the size of an entire continent but it is still a cage. You have the liberty to do and buy whatever you want, but that liberty is restricted.

You are a slave and you are being lied to. You think you are free because your media tells you. You think you are civilized because your educational system and the media tells you.

You do not question the “justified violence” in any shape and form because nobody else does. You do not question the hidden bigotry in your society because you yourself kill the messengers and nobody else will show you the obviousness of its presence.

You think you know about the world around you, but you don’t. Your sources of information are doctored, cut, edited, simplified, colored and warped. And the sad thing is: there is no conspiracy. All the wounds in your society are self-inflicted wounds. The one who cuts your flesh is you. 


Your slavery and submission reflects in the way you treat your workers, in the way you perceive other cultures, the way you produce your food, the way you rape, pillage and subject the world around you, the way you perceive yourself related to the world around you, the way you poison and kill your own people, the fake superiority you wear as a banner.


Europe is in decline. Europe is sinking back into a very dark place where witch hunts and inquisitions can become the normal again, where unjustified violence and the violation of any of your human rights will no longer lead to protests. Where superstition will win over common sense. Where superstition will win from science. Where your human rights are violated and spit upon. Where punishment is the center stone of your European “freedom”.

Europe is in decline because you want to believe the lies. You want to defend your belief systems. You want to uphold and deepen and continue this system of oppression.

Europe is in decline because your culture uses a very a deep, smart, and very deliberately designed mental prison that is based on cultivated masochism, that is based on a cultivated need for pain and suffering. You are not breaking out because you live in a mental prison that is designed to make you feel unsafe and lost once you are free. That keeps you calling back to the cage, keeps calling you back to your systems of oppression even when you have the liberty to walk out.

Europe is in decline because you want to be punished. You want to live in fear. Because that is where you think you draw your strength from. Because without your fear and your fear for punishment you feel empty and without purpose.

Europe is in decline because your society has been sabotaged – even more – not so long ago. By your friends: the United States of America. By China. By the rest of this world. Why? To cancel you out as a competitor in the war for economical domination.

Europe is in decline because you did not stand up. Because you did not protest. Because you did not fight to reclaim your freedom when it was taken away. Bit by bit and piece by piece.


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