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The “apologies” of the Netherlands to Indonesia

This is a quick post. I do part from memory, as I am pissed off and did not plan to write this as this is not the first time the Netherlands “aplogizes” without acknowledging the full scope of consequences of their “rule” since the new From Al Jazeera: The Dutch government has formally apologised for […]

“My child doesn’t steal” — Another glance at Dutch identity

Like any other place, the Dutch are masters of denial. Things did not happen and when they DID happen, they were not as terrible as similar things happening elsewhere. In my recent work I am reconstructing the Netherlands. Using the awesome question: what if? My aim is to create a balanced mix. A view on […]

Some things change

I was writing a longer post I might finish one day. In the past week a lot of things shifted for me. I somehow partially resolved some old pain. I also disconnected from several echo-chambers as they started to affect me in ways I enjoyed for a while, but did not like for the long […]

Boohoohoo: I am white, straight and privileged — everyone hates me!

I am in a weird position. White, straight, privileged. Living in Europe. Wait! I am– Good honest fe– This post — like the previous one — was waiting for a while to be written. It just needed a trigger. Take a good look at this blabbering from Sadie Smith in the New Statesman: I’ve had […]

The problem with Eugenics

The issue of eugenics is popping up from time to time and I am exploring it in my own work as well. Apparently Richard Dawkins has been blabbering about “positive eugenics” yesterday in a way that is almost funny if it was not so incredibly sad coming from an “educated man”. It makes you wonder […]

Distorted sense of reality and the heavy disadvantages of extremism

This is going to be a quick post with a lot of quotes. What is this about? In short Fuck you, European/American society. You have no right to claim to be civilized. Your behavioral patterns are primitive, destructive, toxic and incredibly uncivilized. In 2000 years you have not advanced. Fuck you. Fuck you and fuck […]

Aristotle, rulers, kings, religion, systems of oppression and slaves — Part 1

Hello. This is one of a new series of exploratory posts to find out what the fuck is wrong with my European/western society and (as they are our children) what is wrong with our most successful European ex-colony: The United States of America. (If you want to jump to what I am working towards, see […]