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I am afraid to step up to people I do not know but I would like to know. I rather avoid making contact. This avoidance might bew directly linked to my avoidance to make contact with my inner “voices”. Instead of digging every time for the why and the how of “things that do not work”, just solely listening to the inner critiques might be enough to clear the problem from the inside out


Part of the machine or rather be human?

In an earlier post I wrote yesterday/this night, about the “realness” of money, there was no space for the more human side of it all. That is why: this post. (And it is a pamphlet.) When I considered the memes-theory Richard Dawkins posed in the 1980’s in “The selfish gene” it gave new shape to […]

Money is not "real", it is an agreement

Money is not real. No matter how much will be printed, as long as we believe in the value it will keep that value. The main factor that indicates inflation is the price of food.