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Writing: Cultural Identity / erasure of cultural identity

One recurring element in the past days and weeks is Identity. Or cultural Identity. I wrote several posts on discrimination and racism, exploring the deeper workings from a superficial point of view (not doing more research than what I am reading on a daily basis and summarizing my thoughts.) This post — no doubt — […]

Writing: more on discrimination – cultural ingrainment

First, read this story: “Thorns” (found via Rochita Loenen-Ruiz). It is awesome. There are several things I have not mined yet in my exploration of discrimination. As said before it will be a central issue in “How to sing my song”, story #4 in the “Decline of Europe” sequence. I started to touch this subject […]

Those without a voice – discrimination

I am kind of working on the more subtle variations of discrimination. One of my next stories in the sequence, “To sing my song” will focus on discrimination as a important background-item. (The¬†protagonist¬†will not fight or address that discrimination, but encounters and expresses it in many different forms, from everyone and anyone and to all […]