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Why you help authors (and the world at large) by downloading illegal ebooks

OMFG! (Outcries of anger and dread:) “Ebooks! The Death Of Writers And Their Honest Earnings!” “YOU SHOULD NOT DOWNLOAD ILLEGAL BOOKS!” Because: It is robbing those poor writers from the last slices of bread. From their hungry mouths! “Each download is one unsold book” Let me flip things around. Download the shit out of everything Go. […]

Zwarte piet? Racist stereotype

Today (October 8, 2013) I sent this open <100 words letter to the Dutch version of “Metro” in reply to another open letter stating: “we should stop bothering about Zwarte Piet and whether it is racist or not.”as it (according to the writer): “is a centuries old tradition” and fun for kids. It became “Letter […]

END THE BOOK PIRACY — A desperate plea from 1981

An open letter from Ulof D. Schrieber, found in my archives. Berlin, 12 November 1981 It is 1981 and I am a desperate man. My publisher just told me my last book “On the verge of madness” sold 2000 copies. While he claims that is quite good, it drove me up the wall. I used […]

I am a Person of White Color and I want to be acknowledged too

Dear Internet, I am a fictional Person of White Color (F-PWC) from the internet and I want to be acknowledged too. I want to support the cause of People Of Color. I want to go out there. Be an ally to you. I am a victim too Here is why. I am a victim too. […]

Open letter: Dear atheists, God is irrelevant. You miss the point

Dear Atheists, Really. Who gives a shit about God, except those who still believe? And who cares it exists? Or not? Get a grip. The true evil The true evil is religion itself. The systems of power that religion holds within itself, towards parts of the world. The ways religious systems bend the truth, uses […]

Dear Bruce Sterling

Dear Bruce Sterling, I like your work. Even though it hardly leaves me satisfied when I close a book you wrote due to what I feel to be unfulfilled promises – “The Caryatids” being the most recent. It is like you are preparing for a sprint, fire all the muscles up and then start a […]