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Stuur je Sf/Fantasy verhalen

Er zijn verschillende SF en Fantasy verhalen-wedstrijden in Nederland. De twee meest bekende zijn: Paul Harland Prijs — Link. Deadline 1 juli. Hoofdprijs 750 euro. Voor alle genres. SF, Fantasy, Horror. Fantastels — Link. Deadline 31 oktober. Voornamelijk Fantasy. Waar is de rest van de wereld? Waar ben jij? 2013 is het jaar waarin het begint Voor de Nederlandse […]

NO to rape culture and (sexual) harassment

I decided to write a post today about rape culture and (sexual) harassment. First things first Let’s move past this thing first: rape culture and (sexual) harassment is not just a heterosexual phenomenon. Rape and sexual harassment is not just done by men. Rape and sexual harassment is not gender or “racially specific”. Rape and […]

What I do not like about Apple

Apple has done some awesome stuff in the past, including a complete turn around from underdog and even dying entity in the 1990’s to a revived force to reckon with. I do not like to write this post for some reasons, one being that posts like this are usually bullshit. Mine included. But anyway. What […]

Classism and the long tail of us

Classism is in my eyes the meta-structure that harbors racism, sexism and similar trends. Classism goes hand in hand with groups of elite, the VIP (Very Important People) concept and similar streams. You are less of a human being because… Classism assumes on the low end that – because you are not from a specific […]

We want your ideas, but are not willing to put anything against it – how crowdsourcing should not wor

Today I learned about the terms and conditions of “Redesign Me”. A crowd-sourcing site where you can set out a challenge and people in the community can respond by sharing their ideas to: “redesign” stuff. It can be anything from a new logo to new stuff for the Schiphol Airport. All nice and dandy: state […]

About freedom and transparency – Days after WikiLeaks Julian Assange arrest

I have no clear point of view about WikiLeaks itself. Simply by lack of knowledge. Is it good? Is it bad? Should it be considered a “threat to peoples life” or “political stability” due to the information disclosed? My answer would be: “it depends”. For now, reading the reportings around the leaks, my main feeling […]

My first experiences and my thoughts on e-Book readers, DRM and the next wave of change

In the past week I tested the Iliad by the Dutch iRex. I have seen one of the prototypes of their reader in 2003 / 2004 when working for and was longer aware of their existence.

This weekend I also bought the Barnes & Nobles Nook and the Sony PSR-350. For all the non-DRM content I have, mostly documents for my work and converted to ePub format using (the amazing, though slightly buggy) Calibre and doing normal reading, the devices are amazing.