Monthly Archives: February 2009

Me and my old patterns, my subconcious and the desintegration of old shit

After 3 years I still wake up every morning around 4:00 or 6:00 AM with fear in my body. The fear is related to “unfinished business” and basically a literal wake-up call to close things. Based on some new reading and exploring I encountered the technique to conciously relive specific moments over and over again […]

The new economic situation and me

Today I watched two TV-shows with the current economic situation as main topics. The brief: the debt per American is about 150.000 dollar. Banks are currently very reluctant to supply credit like loans and mortgages. In america the interest over loans (about 1%) was lower than the inflation (about 2%). House prices will very likely […]

The fluke of religion and some ponderings on faith and rationality

We do not know if God exists. Our minds and senses are too limited. If we experience some kind of religious moment it is hard to say if we really saw God, or our mind just fucked us around on some God-trip. And religion? What is the value of religion? I believe that any form […]

Arguments, Justification, fulfillment and joy

What is wrong with arguments? In basics: nothing. Arguments can help you to set things straight, clear the unclear, discover and border the uncharted territories of your own emotional landscape. However, when one or both parties offer a closed mind, arguments can turn into a war of will. One of the instruments I use in […]