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You are not your skin-color

Seems like I am on a roll today on this identity thing. Racism Racism is a very limiting assumption that hardly invites to discussions beyond the concept of ‘race’. It assumes ‘race’ is the main issue in the process of discrimination that takes place, while ‘race’ is just another excuse and another means in a […]

Your genitals do not define your identity

Western society tends to have a very binary view on gender. “Men” and “women” Your reproductive organ defines whether you are “a man” or “a woman”. Heteronormative bullshit Around the concepts or “men” and “woman” are enitre landscapes and building blocks of assumptions and social constructs which include several “behavioral directions” (“you can / cannot […]

Aristotle, rulers, kings, religion, systems of oppression and slaves — Part 1

Hello. This is one of a new series of exploratory posts to find out what the fuck is wrong with my European/western society and (as they are our children) what is wrong with our most successful European ex-colony: The United States of America. (If you want to jump to what I am working towards, see […]

To all my fellow white slaves: Happy new year!

To add to all the uplifting thoughts and predictions I give you some nice thoughts to end 2012 and start 2013. To all my fellow white slaves: Happy new year!!!111!! Dear European citizen. You are a slave. Your European society is a slave society. It has been for over twenty centuries. It still is today. […]

Getting things done – ponderings over a dream

This morning I woke up from a dream dealing with change. I was on a party held by Boris (from “The Next Web”) and asked for some advice on what to do for my next startup. This time there were no zombies or warzones in my dream, and the sun was shining, so stuff was […]

Jules Verne is no longer relevant – "The internet and short attention span disorder"

I try to keep this short. In the past years research has been done to look at the effect of new technology and the Internet on kids. One of the results measured is that people seem to be able to focus less on tasks that require a longer attention span: “because of the internet”. It […]

Four lessons I learned in the past five years

Here are four lessons – injected with a lot of information – I learned in the past five (and ten) years: What you manifested as a kid is your main guideline of your most important traits – whatever people tried to tell you later and whatever choice you made in your later life, what makes […]