Monthly Archives: January 2013

I am a Person of White Color and I want to be acknowledged too

Dear Internet, I am a fictional Person of White Color (F-PWC) from the internet and I want to be acknowledged too. I want to support the cause of People Of Color. I want to go out there. Be an ally to you. I am a victim too Here is why. I am a victim too. […]

Aristotle, rulers, kings, religion, systems of oppression and slaves — Part 1

Hello. This is one of a new series of exploratory posts to find out what the fuck is wrong with my European/western society and (as they are our children) what is wrong with our most successful European ex-colony: The United States of America. (If you want to jump to what I am working towards, see […]

NO to rape culture and (sexual) harassment

I decided to write a post today about rape culture and (sexual) harassment. First things first Let’s move past this thing first: rape culture and (sexual) harassment is not just a heterosexual phenomenon. Rape and sexual harassment is not just done by men. Rape and sexual harassment is not gender or “racially specific”. Rape and […]