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Getting things done – ponderings over a dream

This morning I woke up from a dream dealing with change. I was on a party held by Boris (from “The Next Web”) and asked for some advice on what to do for my next startup. This time there were no zombies or warzones in my dream, and the sun was shining, so stuff was […]

The tight rope and the bulls eye

Listening and watching the Marcel Kampman “Droomschool” presentation: at the part of creativity, neurons fired and following those tiny explosions I opened a new blog post. Which is what you are reading now. “The Dre-am gap” At around 14:00 minutes Marcel talks about the gap between dreams / the full potential and what is remaining […]

Social in the new era

By now we know Twitter, Facebook, MSN, Skype and the likes. Many of us share our thoughts and connect through them.

Like telephony does not replace physical contact, neither do these tools. They are – in a way – autistic. We make contact by blurting out our thoughts and opinions and responding to others and their thoughts and opinions, without making “real” contact on a social and our human-as-animal level.

Copyright, patents and innovation

In 2010 I will likely do some presentations regarding Intellectual Property (IP), innovation and entrepreneurship via Syntens, as part of a program thinking, speaking and writing about innovation and entrepreneurship. In the past days, a memo leaked out from the ACTA. Read the readable reflection by Corey Doctorow here. Read another clear response on PCworld […]