My goals and my reading list for 2013

This year I will focus mainly on systems of oppression to support my writings on the subjects involved. This will impact my reading list considerably.

What is it about?

  1. The big “Western” (cultivated) schizophrenic dilution — I believe Western society is anything but “the land of the free”. I believe that when Western people claim other areas of the world to be “barbaric”, “oppressed” and “underdeveloped” they deliberately ignore the poverty, the illiteracy, the racism, the sexism, the oppression and the abuse going on within their own society. When we pointing at others, some magical hand of god — for a moment — seems to erase all what is broken and wrong within our own society so we can unashamedly throw all our frustration and (self)hate at others. What is also helpful in this process is a complete lack of historical knowledge and contextual awareness within the population. This is a crazy fantasy-world with hardly any grounds in reality and what I currently refer to as “the big Western (cultivated) schizophrenic dilution”.
  2. Cultivated expressions of violence — I believe our expressions and views of/on violence are cultivated. I believe the violence we express as a people — to ourselves, to others, in our popular culture — are a very extreme form for who we are and what we are wired for as humans. This cultivated violence includes (the action and justification of) rape, the exclusion of specific people and specific groups of people (racism, sexism, hate towards foreign people), all forms of aggressive behavior and all reasons to hurt and murder people. I believe any and all justifications and any and all visions of the “predominance” of violence in human nature is complete and utter bullshit that is part of that exact same system of cultivated violence and of a deeper system of oppression.
  3. We are still living in a Aristotelian slave-society — The further as I go in my reading, the more I see western people as slaves in a slave society.  A slave society that is evolving in the way it works (more wealth for the slaves, more subtle forms of oppression), but still reflects the same mechanisms as described as Aristotle’s ideal world in his “Politics”: where the majority of people (the poor, the workers, the slaves) are less human than the others (the land-owners, the nobles, the people with power and money) and oppression and abuse of power is completely justified (war, rape, slavery, subjection, colonization, murder) when the people involved are “lower” than you. This is reflected in how we treat other people (discrimination, racism, sexism, subjection, the types of violence and abuse we allow around us), how and why we involve ourselves in war, and how we discuss specific issues and “the other” in the media.
  4. My own awareness — I want to increase my own awareness with more information from people already gone down this path. Right now I am pointing at many things I feel are broken, with some ideas about what might be wrong, but I lack the deeper research and deeper historical insight.
  5. Slice it to pieces — I think this society is subject to a system of thinking that I like to compare to a severe mental illness. A mental illness showing itself in many forms around us and that used as a guidance, instead of common sense. I want to slice that mental illness into pieces and expose the different mechanisms that are used to feed and cultivate many of its different aspects to keep it going.

Starting points

  1. Inside as it is reflected  to the outside — Cultures of hate and oppression infect themselves as the infect others. The hate and oppression aimed at others are like the manifestations of an internal (mental) disease. In other words: cultures that oppress others will use those exact same mechanisms in different ways against their own people.
  2. Starting at the clearest places— The places where those systems of oppression are most clearly visible are there where they emerge most clearly in the case of my society: oppression, erasure and violence against homosexuals, woman and people from other countries and cultures.
  3. Study of contemporary European media — What is expressed on TV and in the press? What are the semantic structures? How do they mirror similar expressions to suppress and deny the so-called minorities?
  4. Understanding the different mechanisms — There are several mechanisms, including micro-aggression, cultivation of specific types and reasons of hate and discrimination and erasure of voices going against that.
  5. Erasure and whitewashing of history — How has history been changed, erased and adapted to cater specific views? “It has always been this way, so do not expect it will (be easy to) change”
  6. Lies and the bending of facts — What lies have been introduced? How are facts bent and warped to cater a specific (oppressing) point of view?
  7. Erasure, denial and aggression — How are these three used in society? Where? How widely? Why do people think it is beneficial? What is there to be gained?
  8. No mercy — Systems of oppression have been excused for a long time. “Yes it is horrible, but–” I am not intending to find new excuses to justify a specific system of oppression. I intend to take it apart completely and show how completely rotten, damaging and broken it is.


  1. Anarchist literature — Anti-fascist, anti oppressive, anti-racist, anti-colonialist, anarcho-feminist writings
  2. Women’s liberation — Feminist, radical feminist, equality of rights, anti-objectification, going against several cultural aspects including rape-culture, denial of agancy, denial of complete agency over the body, denial of basic rights, denial of rights for birth-control and abortion.
  3. Propaganda/hate speech — From totalitarian regimes. Fascist, racist, socialist, communist. From hate-groups, religious groups, cults and the writings of paranoid, dilutional and schizoid people.
  4. Western philosophy — From Aristotle to Nietsche, dissecting specific semantic structures and patters, understanding why these writers are still appreciated and how their thinking is still reflected in modern society.
  5. Gay, Lesbian, bi, transsexual rights — Thinkers, writers, advocates for and against equal rights and acknowledgment.
  6. Mechanisms of trauma — What is trauma? How does this reflect on daily life? How, when and why is the behavior that inflicted the trauma repeated?
  7. Mechanisms of war — What is modern warfare? Why do we allow people to be killed? What about war for gains? How is murder in war different from murder within society? How is it possible that we do not perceive all people in command on both sides as mass-murderers?
  8. The culture of denial — How is the culture of denial reflected in situations of verbal, physical and sexual abuse/violence? How can this culture exist? Why do attempts to dismantle and expose it fail so many times?
  9. Power, erasure, whitewashing, falsification and denial — How does it work? How is this related to power? What elements are erased from history? By whom? Serving what?
  10. Repetition of patterns — Reflections of patterns of abuse and  hate in society at large within and between specific groups. How do we repeat the abuse inflicted on ourselves towards others in our groups? How can this be stopped?


  1. Reading — Piles and piles of books, mostly by female voices. Male voices will mainly be read to understand the approach and language of the oppressor.
  2. Dissecting — Structuring the data, the information, the voices, the different meanings.
  3. Writing posts — Per subject I will write one or more posts to explore the subject and force myself to formulate and structure specific thoughts.
  4. Writing stories — The aim is to get to the point where the information has become subliminal, using similar patterns as already known, and hits the reader when these patterns are exposed and reversed.

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