I just killed a blog post

I just killed a blog post.

I used a lot of words to basically say:

  1. Slavery – In many ways Europe is still a master/slave society (this takes a lot of digging. I hope to write a good blog post about it some day. In the mean time, read until how recent common white people were considered disposable people.)
  2. Religious beliefs and mental illness – Religion seems to me more and more like wide-spread institutionalized psychosis (“a mental state often described as involving a ‘loss of contact with reality‘.”) Religious belief systems — without exception — are deeply rooted in mental disease, so if you want a sane society, let’s start there.
  3. Aristotle was a fascist – Read his “Politics” and especially zoom into “Citizens” and “value” and how the working class is really less than humans. The commoner are evil, bad people. “Only people who own stuff are noble and virtuous. The rest is evil filth.”


  1. Education is awesome – Education is the one and only factor that released people from ignorance and the main thing that can help this society a step further.
  2. Lack of education makes oppression possible – People who are ignorant are easy to fool.
  3. Social engineering can swing three ways – Nazi Germany (“Jews!”) and the post 9/11  Europe and United States (“Terrorists!!”) is one direction. No direction (“left! no right!”) is the second. Improvement (“we are all equal, let’s improve shit, let’s help each other”) another.


  1. Fuck religion – All religions are like institutionalized mental diseases. Reality can not be bent by prayers or thoughts. When you hear voices in your head, that is not God. And the only way we can build a sane society is by putting any and all Religion where it belongs: with the other psychotic mental delusions.
  2. Hurrah for cooperation – Competition is bullshit. Systems of aggression (punishment, judgement, etc) are actually dysfunctional and counter-productive for human development. Nature itself is a very complex system of cooperation and the idea that there is a “food chain” and a “law of the jungle” where the “strongest survives” is just the view of narcissistic sociopaths  who fucked you over and justifying themselves as the de-facto standard of the human condition
  3. Fuck sexism – There is only one thing guys are really better at: carrying stuff around. All the rest (capabilities, “sexe-specific traits”) is just biased, sexist bullshit. And in the case of superiority: guys are actually sexually inferior. By the moment you come (between 1 to 5 minutes for most guys, unless you can block it somehow, where it can become 30 minutes or more of constant boner) un-traumatized women with functioning genitals usually just get warmed up, ready for more. Even when they already orgasmed four times before on that same day.


  1. Scientific method will liberate us – Fuck assumptions. Fuck “pride”. Fuck shame. Fuck mind-space fantasy bullshit. Research! Find facts. Double check, triple check. Get rid of your preconceptions. Check facts. Hard facts. Facts that can be reproduced-facts. Doubt your own knowledge. Doubt everything, including how “real” reality is.
  2. Our society is still in the dark ages – We. Are. Not. Civilized. See all of the above.

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