Classism and the long tail of us

Classism is in my eyes the meta-structure that harbors racism, sexism and similar trends. Classism goes hand in hand with groups of elite, the VIP (Very Important People) concept and similar streams.

You are less of a human being because…

Classism assumes on the low end that – because you are not from a specific group or background – you are less. This “less-ness” can be intelligence, the ability to cope with specific situations, the ability to understand specific things and the ability to operate specific machines.


Loosely coupled to classism is sometimes a misunderstanding of evolutionary principles. For instance: take the concept of “idiocracy” where the world population dumbs down due to stupid people mating with stupid people, while smart people get less and less children. The concept of Idiocracy is usually also linked to poverty and class (“poor people in general are more stupid than more wealthy people”), place of birth (“people from X are in general smarter or dumber than people from Y”).

When you take a cross-sample from any place and any demographic group in the world, have them have children and put these children in separate test groups each getting the same upbringing, same nourishment and the same chances, the average score they will make on smartness is very likely very similar.

One of the reasons is that to be human in a human society, you need an average of the same talents and capabilities. Dumbing down will kill you on the long run and being smarter does not really gain you any advantages.

Eugenetics and selection

Selective breeding might change these averages. You can produce a breed of smarter people. But until now our “breeding programs” have been too random to make any difference at all. And there has not been a need for smarter people on a specific location long enough to make a specific difference.

Fame and position

When you look at people in almost untouchable positions like managers, the pope, movie stars, kings and queens, members of the parliament, winners of special prices, presidents and rulers of countries, we tend to assume they are somehow smarter and/or more special than us.

In most cases they are not. For each “Einstein” there are thousands of: “could have been Einsteins” which were never discovered, who never took the effort or who did not have the right connections or education. In most cases – stripped from everything special – superstars are just as mundane and significant / insignificant as most of us. It was mostly luck, determination, the right friends and the right attitude that got them where they are now, or will be tomorrow. It could have been someone else as well.

All the legends and “specialness” is mostly the work of spindoctors assuring that a specific position or person will not be challenged due to the magic glow of public love and admiration that surrounds it, him or her.

Inbreed and limiting belief systems

Looking at evolution and the intelligence level of the population at large there are two direct threats for a “smart” population. These threats are inbreed and limiting belief systems.


With inbreed, your population mates with only a limited set of other people. Short and simple: family fucks with family. With dogs – for instance – this can lead to:

  1. Mental instability – Members of a specific breed being unreliable and volitile, turning aggressive without no prior warning and hurting and even killing humans
  2. Physical issues – Like brittle bones, inceptive for specific diseases and failure of specific organs. Or deformations in bones and organs.
  3. An increased chance of retardedness – Apparently, inbreed does no good to how smart you are and can even lead to becoming stupider on the long term as “weak” genes are continuously shared within the same breeding population.
For people these risks are very much the same.
Looking at any extreme right wing movements – promoting a “pure race” – they are basically promoting inbreed and a population to become even more retarded and prone to genetic flaws showing up than is the case right now.
In other words, fucking and reproducing outside your own group and outside your own population is very likely the best thing you can do for your offspring.

Limiting belief systems

Where inbreed takes a lot of generations to take negative effect, limiting belief systems are fast and very effective to dumb down an entire population.

I wrote successive articles about this, and will suffioce here with a shortlist on how to dumb down a population using limiting belief systems:

  1. Make sure there is a class-system – Which is a system where specific people are “better” than others. It helps even more if this class-system focuses on stuff that is irrelevant for personal and emotional development. These class-systems always take discrimination and prejudice as a starting point and can consist of:
    1. Family – As some families “are better” than others. Usually due to some random factors like luck and position gained in the past
    2. Education – Where, when and how you are educated can make a difference in how “relevant” you are. Regardless of how smart you are and how qualified by experience, in some fields you are not recognized as a peer if you do not have a diploma, a proof of passing some specific tests. It does not matter that there are ways to pass these tests by fraud.
    3. Publication and awards – If you tink you have something to say and you are not acknowledged by a specific group of people, you might as well shut up. It does not matter if this specific group of people have their own specific agenda to protect a specific status quo.
    4. Sexe – As it can be beneficial to make one side of the medallion shut the fuck up and be submissive. Sexism works both ways and works stronger both ways if sexism is deeply ingrained in cultural belief systems
    5. Skin color and place of origin – There is not much difference in both. It helps if the “other” has distinctly different features like skin color, build of the body and the face (eyes, eye color, nose, nose size, nose shape, mouth, mouth size, mouse shape, teeth, teeth size, teeth shape – and so on). Male and female humans discriminate by default for reproductive and social reasons, as it helps us to increase our own position and quality of life and helps us to find a partner with which our offspring will very likely be a step forward in creating a smarter and better version of us.
    6. Age – It is convenient to think that people before and after a specific age do not matter. As it helps us to make them shut up. The average range “where you matter” is roughly between 24 and 56. Before that you are “immature” and after that you are “obsolete”. This range changes with your own age. Old people tend to think that before the age of 40 or 50 you have no fucking clue about life and things in general. Before 10, anyone older than 25 is ready for the old peoples home.
  2. Focus on competition instead of cooperation – Ingraining competition in any form is perfect, as competition isolates. When I aim all my efforts at: “showing that I am better than you”, my efforts will be to compete with you, to bypass you and show that “I am better”, not to work together. In most cases, non-competitive groups are much more effective in solving problems and thinking outside of the box, as their energy goes to solving a problem, not bypassing their peers.
  3. Make sure people believe that truth is exclusive – For instance because it is written down, or written down by a specific person, or stated by a person from a specific background or upbringing.
  4. Make sure people do not question authority – By punishing anyone who steps out of line, acts differently. Punishment can be by exclusion from a social group, taking away specific rights, captivity, discrimination, status and (continuous) damage of reputation.
  5. Limit access to information – Make sure that your population only has access to information you want them to read and learn. Ridicule, make suspect and even punish access to- and use of any other form of information.
  6. Reward and stimulate people ability to reproduce information – Instead of focusing on learning methods of problem solving. Existing information – especially when groomed and filtered out already – is harmless.
  7. Punish free thinking – Free thinkers are a threat to any establishment. Their first question will be always: “Why are you doing it this way?” the second: “How can you do it differently?”
  8. Promote the idea of human wretchedness – It is beneficial to make people fear each other. It is beneficial to make people think that: “each of us has a monster inside  capable of killing” and emphasize that part as much as possible wherever. Where the overall biologically ingrained reality is that most people will help other people when they are in trouble, it is beneficial for any repressive system to promote the idea that the moment there is no higher government or policing, people will turn into killing and looting animals.

Society, government and other bodies of power

It can be beneficial to a government and to bodies of power to rule over people who are ignorant. Ignorant in the sense of:
  1. Creative and independent problem solving – Finding solutions for things that do not work without relying on some official body of power.
  2. Cooperation and self government – When there is a mutual goal that will improve the situation of yourself and others, most people will be inclined to work together to gain that goal, as that is – emotionally and physically – a much easier way of (co)existence than competition, or establishing things via violence or crime. Most societies and groups are self-governing.
  3. The awkwardness of violence – Violence is something that goes against our own nature. To hurt or kill another person is usually hurtful for ourselves as well. And there are many mechanisms in our social and biological imprinting making sure that the violent acts we perform towards others will turn against ourselves. You need to be either chemically imbalanced or a sociopath or psychopath to consider violence and using violence as “normal” and “justified”.
The less we are capable of understanding our natural tendencies, the easier it is to justify anything that violates us.
  1. War is mass murder – Whatever you might think about the “reasons” war is “justified”, part of any modern war is about killing people and having people killed on both sides on your command. Any leader sending troops into the field and any person killing another person is a murderer. Regardless of the reasons and justifications.
  2. Religion is about control – Any and all religion is based on lies, mass manipulation and power of control over others by using the right type of lies and social pressure. If necessary to preserve and expand control, murder is allowed and justified.
  3. Ignorance combined with propaganda increases control –  The less your population is aware of itself and of other possible variations on “reality” and how to perceive that reality the more control you have. Ignorance keeps people docile. It makes them easy to manipulate. So by controlling education, by limiting education, by withholding education from people you increase the gullibility of the population.
  4. Wealth and wellbeing can be spread equally – Poverty can only happen in a system that is out of balance. Many things we consume are produced from other beings including animals, plants and trees. While it does take some effort to come to that produce, that effort can be shared and the reward can be a part of the produce. The “ownership” of those beings and the land they live on is not really “ours”. A tree ultimately only belongs to itself. An animal ultimately only belongs to itself. And looking at our current society of production and over-production, whatever is replaced usually has some life time going for use by others when we no longer need it.

Intelligence, education, problem solving and expanding belief systems

Intelligence is not measured by an IQ test. It is not about “being better” or gaining higher scores. People scoring high on IQ tests and good grades can be complete idiots and even retarded in many other fields based on many things, including what they believe in.
If you want to create a country of independent people, capable of creating a sane and healthy society that is bending towars “smart” instead of “stupid” and equality instead of discrimination, you need to take on education. You need to review your educational system. You need to review and change the belief systems which are behind those educational methods.
Education is – as stated before – one of the fastest ways to increase or decrease the ability to “think” within a society.
  1. Take out competition and reproduction as the dominant factor – Getting good grades and being good at sports might be quite OK, but they are not the most important things in life.
  2. Introducing cooperation and problem solving as core values – Bottom line in each of our lives is that we have problems and that these problems needs to be solved. These problems can be ranging from the very practical to the very personal and emotional.
  3. Expand belief systems – In reality there is no single truth and many possible solutions to one problem. Everything is relative and fluid. Whatever you believe in today, might be proven to be false – or just one of many possible possible outcomes – tomorrow. If religion is considered relevant in the upbringing, offer access to all and also to the crimes committed in the name of these religions. Let children choose for themselves if they want to join and how they want to join.
  4. Focus on human and biological values – Humans are not created in some laboratory. We are the result of countless generations of mammals fucking and reproducing, forming social groups and societies and applying rules of inclusion and exclusion to protect the group and the genre-pool from the weak, the crazy- and the dangerous ones. We share this world with countless other animals and insects springing from that same process. Ingrained in our biological imprinting are behavioral processes which determine our behavioral patterns and which can be manipulated and doctored. Somewhere in this biological imprinting are our human values. Values we share with the other animals on this planet.
  5. Offer tools and ways of thinking that help debunk propaganda and lies – The biggest threat to us human beings are lies and other humans (with one or another deficiency that makes them “immoral” and removes their inhibits to hurt and abuse other people). There are methods of thinking – for instance – assuming that whatever is said or written by others is first and all a personal opinion and “is not” but “might be” a “truism” to be considered.
Right now, with Christian and competitive belief systems still deeply ingrained in our society, my list of five items might seem like the Utopian dreamings of someone disattached from reality.
In the end, I think things will change a lot for the better if education will be aimed at expanding belief systems, questioning everything that is considered a “status quo” and understanding the benefits of cooperation above competition.
Right now, a lot of intelligence and human smartness is literally wasted by the complete ignorance that is displayed and trained in our current educational system. I believe that the way we run society now is completely retarded and counter-productive. I believe that the development and progress we have seen in the past 30 years is like a car with the hand break still on. It is hampered, wasteful in many ways and slowed by all kinds of mechanisms that make no sense at all if you look from the point of humanity, but to serve the very specific selfish and ignorant goals of a limited set of people.

Poverty and exclusivity serves only a few

Any class system is aimed at the distribution of wealth to only a limited set of people. This wealth can be money, possession, position or status.
To maintain poverty and exclusivity only serves a few. And usually this few are not the people you want to have in your family tree due to the type of personality it requires to gain that position.
To maintain a system where there is a clear and catered separation of power, possibilities and wealth, you need to be able to perceive other humans as less than you. For most people – once they really realize this aspect – this caters a conflict in conscience.

Education saves all

Education is my “simple solution saves all” kind of thing. I really believe it starts and ends there, when you talk about a mass-change. I believe that without changing education you will not change much in the world around us.
There are many reasons for that.
  1. Education is centralized and serves many – In a western world it is hard to not go to school. Change schools and you change the way people perceive the world. In both bad and good ways.
  2. Education is to train and expand the mind – You learn to read, write, to do math, geography, history and much more. From knowing a little you get to know a little more. Expand education and the mind will be expanded too.
  3. Limited education only limitedly opens minds – Most people accept the status quo. As it is easier and creates less trouble. Most will accept their education and not look further than that. If that education includes concepts of bigotry, segregation, sexism and elitarism and asks you to stop making up your own mind, many will accept that – added to what they have been thought at home – as their basis to work from.
Our western society is far from enlightened. It is very primitive and very low on human values. And one part of that is due to the build-up of our education.

The big challenge

Any education that challenges the current status quo will also challenge many things we take for granted as we do not know any better. And the question is whether a liberal and humanistic educational system will be funded as long as these interests are there.
It will challenge:
  1. Religion and religious systems – As they are based on belief and faith in a set of stories we ca nnot prove to be true
  2. Government and governmental bodies – As they might not operate in our interests, but in the interests of only a few
  3. Systems of exclusion – As they are only accessible for a few and dependent on the belief of many that they hold any value to respect to be sustainable

Some changes going on now

In Holland, the new generation of kids in their 20ies are creating a shift in how employees are regarded. As a “guarenteed job for life” no longer exists, they rather go for something that is fun than something safe that might protect them for the rest of their lives, or (more likely) kick them out next year when more jobs are outsourced to some low-wages country.
Education and a diploma are no longer the main thing that makes a difference. Many office jobs can be done now by anyone with enough smarts due to Google, specialization and increased literacy. What starts to count more and more (again) are motivation and experience.
Looking at the market, employers now need to prove their new to be employees that they are worth working for. Or they will run out of new, local meat in the next 10 years. And will cease to exists.
To make this point of changed balances more clear: 20 years ago, in a job-interview, you had to grovel through the dirt and make a strong case to convince the people on the other side of the table that you are that one and only special kid going all 200% for their company. Now, the people on the other side have to make a strong case why it would be worth for you – as a potential employee – to come work for them.

Why I am optimistic

This – and other changes induced by considerably big shifts in our economic and social mechanism –  is slowly moving itself back into education. You – as a future member of the working society – are no longer a replaceable unit expected to be docile. You, as a future employee, are as easy to grasp and hold as vapor. You are no longer the one who has to court. You are courted.
The main reason is economics.
As the world changes a lot, companies no longer are looking for pen-pushers. They need vital new blood capable of understanding change and the current society. This vital blood can be anywhere and can be anyone: male, female, black, pink, golden, northern, southern, eastern or west. Homosexual or straight. 16 years old, or 75.
A company without the right type of employees dies.
And so the rules are changing.


This post has not gotten to a real “point” or conclusion. Instead of not writing and not publishing it I have decided to leave it as is.


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