Last friday I had a friend over for dinner and somehow we got to God and judgment. Religion has some retarded, primitive, coockoo weird ideas about who and what God might be. A god that has created the universe, is omnipotent and ever present and has infinite wisdom is very likely not the fucked up creature as described in the old testament or any other book written by long dead people from societies with understandings of “reality” even more limited than ours.

Here is a quick summary of what was discussed later that evening:

  1. Presumably we “have been granted the gift of free will”. This means that anything we do and any decision we make is completely our own. Consequently, with any mistake or action I take, there is no-one else to blame but me.
  2. If there is a god, is it everywhere and anywhere and anything is enveloped by it, is part of god, is god itself. So “searching god” is to open your consciousness and search within yourself. It helps when you get rid of your own bullshit belief systems — and that of others — in the process, since they are all fault anyway.
  3. If there is a god in this model, it spans the universe. The universe itself might be a complex system of processes and “godly” thoughts and is so enormous and vast that we will never understand the full grasp of god’s plan, nor “our role” in that, if there is any.
  4. If god would a loving creature, acceptance and understanding would very likely the first two drivers of it’s being.
  5. Anything we do and anything that happens is part of the process. As this is all part of god in the model described above, there is no “good” or “bad”. Things just happen and that’s it. In that sense god very likely does not care about you or me.
  6. Some people sense an incredible flood of love when they enter their inner world and meditate on god. If there is anything I would like to believe in and connect to, it is that.
  7. There is not other “meaning” to our life than that what is and that what happens. The “plan” in our own lives is constantly happening and can be changed any moment.

We all have our personal systems of beliefs and perception. As humans we experience and interpret reality on very individual scales. We create our personal stories about that reality and if they work for us, adapt stories of others to fortify our belief systems and create “The Truth” to deny the parts of reality we do not want to see.

When “God” does not govern us, what is?

I think that our main governance is the personal avoidance of pain and grief. First on a personal level, but if the pain and grief is something that hits the collective: avoidance and grief on a collective scale. This is one of the reasons I think especially the last part of the following statement described by Thomas Hobbes in “Leviathan”–

life without government is the state of nature. In that state, each person would have a right, or license, to everything in the world. This inevitably leads to conflict, a “war of all against all” (bellum omnium contra omnes), and thus lives that are “solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short”

— is a load of crap (still cherished by too many people I meet). It is also why I like simulation systems like game theory more than this kind of rigid and flawed dogmatic thinking.

To close: here are some thought-experiment I did when I was about 18.

1: “God is the universe and the universe is god
“If God created the universe, it is very likely that God envelops the universe itself.” In this system, every star system, every atom and every building block of this universe is enveloped by God. If this is true, anything and everything is part of God and a manifestation of God.

This means that we do not have to look for any god outside of ourselves.

Reading “Simulacrum 3” and other similar stories (see also) another thought experiment followed:

2: “If this universum is a simulation, ‘good’ and ‘bad’ do not exist”
“If you look at the universe as a simulacrum, the game changes. Our individual actions and the result of that are part of that simulation and neither ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but just an outcome.” as a “god” of this simulacrum you can restart the simulation, reset parameters, re-run scenario’s and so on. (In the Matrix this concept is touched when Neo meets the Builder in the second part of “The Matrix”, he discovers that the Matrix has been reset several times and he is not the first of his kind.) In this scenario “God” does not care about the individual. The simulation as a whole could be like a playground, game or experiment.

3: The gift of free will
“If god is a loving entity, incredible more evolved / intelligent / whatever than we are anything we do is part of the ‘divine plan’ “.
If I were god, I would be entirely happy with the way things go. Whichever way, as it is part of my plan anyway. For us humans to even think being able to grasp what that “divine plan” is, is in my eyes rather arrogant.

4: Creation, the Bible and the large scale “blasphemy” done by religious people
Following some of the discussions regarding Darwinism and Creationism, my more cynical side has lead me to conclude that Christians do not believe in god at all, nor that they are searching to find god or get closer to god. Christians believe in the Bible. A book with stories. And it is quite simple: When our reality is created by god, if everywhere around you scientific research is presenting you growing evidence about the age of Earth, the development of species and what so have you: to deny that reality is to deny god, is to commit “blasphemy”.

5: “The universe”
When time itself can be multidimensional (many assume time to be 2-dimensional – a single line with one single history and future); past, present and future can be happening at exactly the same moment in infinite variations, in an infinite and ever changing “Now”; universes can be infinitely folded upon themselves in higher dimensions until it hardly has any volume; when the amount of entire universes and possible worlds and realities can be theoretically unlimited and everything and anything can be theoretically connected to each other in an infinite mesh up there is no way we will ever be able to understand or “surpass” a God, if there is any. Unless we some day become a multidimensional universe ourselves.


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