Fuck "the Secret"

As a kid I read “Telek” by Jack Vance and many other stories with related subjects. In the story “Telek” = “people with telekinetic abilities”. People with telekinetic abilities are capable of moving objects with the power of their mind. I was 12. I started training with the determination of a kid. I developed a believe system in which I would move objects. It did not work. Not even the shedded hairs of our cat would move when I willed them. (I also tried teleportation very hard, which would have come in handy on the rainy days I cursed my way paddling through 15 kilometers of windy road towards and from school. I did believe for a while that I could influence rainfall and the direction of the wind since they are more prone to change and thus seem to confirm your magic powers.)

Another story by Vance is “the world dreamer”. In the story, the world starts falling apart because it is actually the dream of someone waking up. Bordering on this story lies the deeply philosophic question kids around the age of 3 can have when they close their eyes (or at least I had when I was that age): “When I close my eyes: does the world really stop to exist?”  Connected to that is the philosophic question: “Is the world ‘real’ or only existing in my mind?” which is one of the pillar stones of Zen and the life of people who fear to slowly turn insane.

When a tree falls in a forest and nobody is there, it Does make a sound. To think that we and even “I” am and are the kingpin of reality (as books like “the Secret” suggests) is a big load of crap and self delusion.

Somewhere between the age of 16 and 18 I made a simple statement based on these questions:

  1. It is all in the mind.
  2. Our individual perception of “reality” is a personal fantasy
  3. “Reality” does not exist.
  4. “Truth” does not exist.

To read books about Zen was a revelation afterward, seeing that I was not completely alone in this approach.

Many of the stories I wrote when I was between 19 and 21 dealt with the deconstruction of reality based on these starting points. Most of them were crap simply because I still had a lot to learn about writing stories, plot and character development. Most have disappeared in obliteration.

Regarding “Reality”: there is very likely a world. There is very likely a body. There is very likely “You”, “Me” and other people. There is very likely a “mind” producing thought processes inside. But for all the same we could be all floating brains in a tank, fed with sensory impulses which creates the seemingly consistent dreams we tend to call “reality” or even completely non-existent in any form we think we were. Enter “The Matrix”; read John Varley’s “Overdrawn at the memory bank” or “Ubik” by Philip Dick to name one film and two classic stories about this subject. All the same, we could be mere players in a dream of the World Dreamer or passing bits in a giant simulation as described in Galouye’s “Simulacron” (to name another antique story just for the sake of reference and promotion of vintage SF).

I, for one, am not able to tell, since I have not found a way yet to transcend this “reality”. And to be honest, I do not care at this moment since I believe that to be an escapist dream from the challenges “here and now”.

Assuming that our body is “real”, our brain is a big lump of organic material in a closed bubble made out of bone. The brain itself is not able to “see” or “hear” or “taste” or “feel”. It can only translate impulses from outer sensors into something that at least makes a little bit of sense so that it can instruct the body to respond, act and react.

ALL information we use to construct our “reality” is interpreted. And this is one very important to know and understand if you ever want to “understand” reality. So I repeat: ALL information we use to CONSTRUCT our “reality” is based on INTERPRETATION. In other words: nothing we “see” or “hear” or “feel” or “taste” is real. All we remember is a story we created in our mind. Nothing we remember has really happened. All that we think we perceive does not exist.

The most clear way to illustrate this is by a kids game we used to play at birthdays. All kids are sitting on chairs placed in a circle. One kid chooses a word, say: “Pancake” and whispers it as softly as possible into the ear of the kid next to him or her. The word passes each kid and when it reaches the last kid in the circle, it is spoken aloud: “The word is Bicycle!”.
Hilarity! Laughter and giggles!
We al know it was not “Bicycle” but “Bat cave” and “Cat cave” and whatever other word came up in between.

We do not perceive “reality” nor “truth”, but a reconstruction of what we think we perceive. “Pancake” becomes “Bicycle” and since we have no reference other than our own belief systems and we generally lack the training to question “reality” we convince ourselves that “Bicycle” is actually “the real thing” and “true”.

Sure there is “reality”. In this “real” “reality”, when I close my eyes or do not see you, you are most likely not blotted out of existence but will still there somewhere. When I die, due to the death of my brain you will not be blotted out, but still be there. The thoughts you think are in YOUR head, not created by me. When I sincerely want you to die right now, you will just follow your own bliss and happily live on. And if your death – by accident – might happen, very likely it was due to another reason than my wish. And if it DID happen the way I envisioned it, the chance is higher that I am clairvoyant than that I created your death via my mind. And even than the chance is higher that I just guessed right than being clairvoyant.
The hard work it requires to bend reality via mind alone is something most conscious people have gradually discovered testing the concept of “I am the center of the world and my wishes come true by my power of intention” into the tough play garden of “reality”. Like on school exams. (No matter how hard you wish for, you still need to learn or use foul play to get good grades.)

Regarding our connection to other people: Yes: there might be all kinds of connections between people based on energies most of us can not see, but if any of the more dark warnings of so called “enlightened” New Age thinkers would be true, any publicly hated famous person would have  died form cancer, car crashes, plane crashes, murder, or bodily failure a long time ago.

This most useless school of thought that creates belief systems based on: “by mere thinking I will manifest” carries a great danger in itself. Before you know, you will be working hard to create systems to “avoid negative thoughts” as “negative thoughts  will also be manifested in my life”. In some cases this might border neurotic behaviour.

The biggest promise “the Secret” makes regarding “manifestation” is a flawd and escapist dream of a 3 year old in the lines of: “If I close my eyes and wish hard enough, it will be done or undone”. Yay! for all the people who are sick, gotten accidents and have been treated unfair “for they have created that themselves” – including the bullies and the shitty environment. So: fuck “the Secret”

To create abundance in your life, all you need to do are three things:

  1. Stop wasting your time about the things you do NOT want (including negative thought patterns)
  2. Start to create as much clarity as you can about: a) the things that you DO want and b) the reason WHY you want that
  3. Create a chain of movement and physical actions that will help you realize number 2

Since mostly “random” things will be manifested in this “real” world unless you start to move and use your physical body to create a chain of physical actions (or the lack of.. which is almost the same), negative thoughts are actually quite irrelevant and nothing to be afraid of. Yes: they stop you from doing what you actually would like to do, yes: they repeat all the negative crap you have learned to associate with and yes: these negative thoughts and beliefs often might make you react in ways that produce the exact opposite of what you desire. So it does come in handy to take a look at the patterns, the fears and the belief systems that cause these negative thoughts and broaden your vision to alternative systems, wider meadows and other toolsets.

The fun thing is that each of these “negative” thought patterns had their use some times and can be altered and expanded with a new set of more effective patterns. That is a slow process and requires you take responsibility over your own life and to brutally honestly take look at yourself (without beating yourself up) and acknowledge:

  1. THAT you fuck up from time to time
  2. WHERE you fuck up
  3. That it is actually OK to fuck up as long as you CORRECT/REPAIR your fuckup
  4. That there are many other approaches which are more effective than the ones you have used until now

So: back to “reality”.

You brain is a blob in a black box, constantly interprating “reality” via indirect sources that already garble and give distorted and incomplete images of “reality”, making associations and connections between things you remember and things you think you experience. One of the most powerful tools in this is the recognition of patterns and the ability to translate these “recognitions” into creative thoughts and into actions.

By using your focus (and here is where “the Secret” gives you the illusion that it works) the result is that your mind starts to pick and enlarge these patterns that match your focus. An example: 10 years ago, when I had hardly any money I started to focus on abandoned bikes. Every place that held bikes became part of my primary focus until after roughly three weeks the visual “abandoned bikes” recognition pattern became dominant. In other words: everywhere I saw bikes, I immediately spotted the abandoned ones. Within no time I had two “new” bikes in perfect working condition.
Where the power of  this new receptive pattern hit me, was when I  started to let it go of it.


It took a period of 3 weeks of neglect to get rid of this new pattern. Then, the city looked like a city again, instead of a collection of bikes with a cityscape around it.

The lesson I got: You see that part off “reality” what you WANT to see. You see that part off “reality” what you FOCUS your mind on.

The “universe” does not respond by creating what YOU want. It simply goes its own selfish way and very likely does not give a shit about you or your wishes. It DOES offer you a lot of opportunities simply because continuous creation and destruction is very part of it and any moment of NOW it is offering you new opportunities if you know where to look for them. And IF your “mind” DOES have influence on reality, the easiest way for it to happen is that your “consciousness” travels to another quantum reality resembling more the reality of what you wish for. Still it is you who is moving trough alternate realities and not the universe shaping to your wish since things follow the path of least resistance.

The “real law of attraction”
Part of “The real law of attraction” (fuck that) is a training of your mind to focus primarily on all the the things you want and put anything else on a lower scale of importance, like in my example of the bikes and the cityscape. When opportunities arise that match your field of focus you will spot them faster and faster until your brain register them almost instantly. You will start to look at places where you can find more of that. From that you will be able to act and react faster and faster until things seems to be happening effortlessly and abundance in your field becomes yours.

Naturally, if your field of focus is “Everyone thinks I am stupid” or “I will never get out of this situation” that focus will also enlarge anything that might resemble that thought out from the “reality” around you. “Pancake” has been twisted into “rotten strawberry”. As your perception is limited by this negative focus, you will only get out of the negative manifestations you create by your physical deeds by creating a new reality by starting to LOOK and FEEL and HEAR differently. By moving to other places, see other people, see other things, by strongly disbelieving your old convictions, by proving your old convictions wrong. By opening your mind to a new reality. By ignoring the things you THOUGHT were real, but in the end only create shit.

To undo those patterns and belief systems simply stop investing your time and energy in them. Start focusing on other things.

Again: You are not the center of the universe. Everything you perceive is an illusion. Nothing your mind perceives is “real”, the “universe” does not give a shit about your thoughts, only physical actions will create a respond in the “real” world and your brain mainly sees what “you” want to see and all you really have is freedom of choice.

So: fuck “the Secret”.

Everything I wrote in this article is not true. So “fuck me” too.

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  1. so… when does your book hit the shelves? 😉 😛

    JK nice post. not facing reality is fot “mietjes” (but gosh it’s HARD)


  2. “Again: You are not the center of the universe. Everything you perceive is an illusion. Nothing your mind perceives is “real”, the “universe” does not give a shit about your thoughts, only physical actions will create a respond in the “real” world and your brain mainly sees what “you” want to see and all you really have is freedom of choice.”

    I’d say that thoughts are physical actions/processes as well. There’s no ghost in the machine. Otherwise I share your interpretation of reality 🙂

    1. “I’d say that thoughts are physical actions/processes as well”. They are. On microscopic level a lot of action takes place in your brain.
      The core of the piece you quote is that any physical action / process in your mind will manifest in the “real” world via a physical action from your body. Worldviews as described in “the Secret” state that Thoughts can translate to Physical Manifestations directly. Which would be very frightening. Imagine sitting next to a person manifesting the nightmares caused by a bad drug trip.

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