Part of the machine or rather be human?

In an earlier post I wrote yesterday/this night, about the “realness” of money, there was no space for the more human side of it all. That is why: this post. (And it is a pamphlet.)

When I considered the memes-theory Richard Dawkins posed in the 1980’s in “The selfish gene” it gave new shape to old thoughts. In brief:  We have created several new realities using our ability to think, speak, dream and share thoughts. Mythological realities, belief systems, systems of rules and regulations. Each of those systems contain intelligence, self correcting mechanisms, feedback loops, the ability to reproduce and evolve to more complex systems. Many things that define “life”.

Take a religious system: it hunts for new brains. It fights for resources. It competes with other systems. It sides up and starts symbiosis with other systems if that empowers the system. Branches which are unsuccessful die. Successful branches thrive and grow. Its main strive is to win. It is capable to override and abuse natural human mechanisms which are deeply wired (sexual needs, social needs, self preservation, avoidance of pain and suffering) in our brains to enforce it’s position.

Take an economical system: it hunts for new bodies to perform production. It uses and abuses our wiring regarding competition and acknowledgment to create ongoing impulses. It drains all our natural resources to keep the machine going. It pushes us to our edges, helps us with false concepts of the “makable (personal) future”, find new ways to cover up being slaves of an abusive system, kills the ones of us not capable to support this system by poverty and the subsequent natural causes, finds new ways to bypass our natural tendency to only do what is required and use the rest of the day to leisure and personal enjoyment.

These are man made systems. Collective dreams made into reality through language and action. It is our natural part of evolution to create this.

Fuck the conspiracies.

What makes these systems mechanical is the abuse of our humanness. We are – in general – stressed out, sleepless, unhappy, depressed, filled with angst, afraid of each other, addicted to drugs like caffeine, salt and sugar, disconnected from our own personal cores, disorientated, lost in stories, false promises and fairy tales. To make sense of conflicting and clashing concepts and emotions we make up bullshit stories about “what we should be” and “how it works”, use concepts like: enlightenment, nature and nurture, rationality, sexuality, why enforcement and government is “good”, horror stories of distopian futures, separation of humanness into “male” and “female”, utopian dreams and human/male/female/racial/cultural/whatever supremacy.

We are still dreaming dimwits, and if God exists we have wondered so far away from the light that we do not see anything at all anymore.

What needs to change much more than anything else is the renewed acclaim on our humanness. We ARE animals. We ARE emotional beings. Talking apes. Living beings. A ragtag collection of biological and evolutionary systems functioning just well enough to survive our environment and ourselves. In many senses we are childish creatures following impulses rather than “rationality” we seem to hold so high in some cultures or subcultures.

We need food, safety, social support, shelter, tenderness and challenges. Part of our wiring is sexuality, sense of humor, competition, emotional and irrational behavior. We like to flirt, to have fun, to eat, to enjoy, to make love, to fuck, to kiss, to talk, to create, to build, to destroy.

Fuck all the high ideals of perfection. Fuck all the systems of belief we have created. Let’s try to become responsible mature humans first.


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